GSoC 2018 | Google Summer of Code 2018 (CNCF) report

Google Summer of Code

[GSoC 2018] Extending Envoy’s fuzzing coverage

Program: GSoC 2018 (
Organization: Envoy Proxy ( under Cloud Native Computing Foundation [CNCF] (
Project: Extending Envoy’s fuzzing coverage (
Student: Anirudh M
Mentors: Matt Klein, Harvey Tuch, Constance Caramanolis
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GSoC 2017 | Google Summer of Code 2017 (Haiku) report

Google Summer of Code

[GSoC 2017] Preferences GUI Refactoring

SuperPrefs – Control Panel with Categorization and Search for Haiku

Program: GSoC 2017 (
Organization: Haiku (
Project: Preferences GUI Refactoring (
Student: Anirudh M (anirudhm)
Mentors: waddlesplash, Sean Healy
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